Divorce-Happy MMO Providing Help to Troubled Couples

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About 10 days ago, Nexon, the publisher of MapleStory found three out of four marriages initiated in-game end in divorce. So MapleStory's next content update will include features that emphasize couples sticking together.


Ascension, the next big update, will include special quests for couples. "Shower your partner with devotion in new quests to renew your vows periodically, and MapleStory will shower you with gifts!" says the official announcement.

Game Politics reached out to Nexon and found that the new party quests have been balanced for more efficient leveling, another reason to stick with your betrothed. And Nexon also told Game Politics that it did plan changes to the wedding system—getting married costs $25, divorce runs less and is paid through in-game currency. Details on the wedding revamp will not be revealed until next week.

The Sept. 15 survey showed that, of 26,982 marriages performed in North America, 20,344 ended in divorce.

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getting married costs $25