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Disney Dreamlight Valley Is Expanding Fast, Toy Story Hits Soon

Gameloft is revving up the engine for Disney's idyllic island getaway

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Woody tips his hat in the upcoming Disney Dreamlight Valley DLC that's dropping in Fall 2022, per D23.
Screenshot: Gameloft

Gameloft’s Disney-themed take on Animal Crossing hasn’t been in early access for very long, but the life simulator seems poised to take over the world already. It helps that there’s plenty more Disney Dreamlight Valley content coming down the pike, per today’s announcement at the big D23 Expo.

Sometime in fall 2022, Dreamlight players will be saying hi to Woody, Buzz, and Andy’s room in a new content update. And yes, they’ll be true to size, meaning tiny. From the trailer, it seems like you too will be shrunk to ant-size during the story portion of the update. My favorite bits, though, are the apparent new clothing options. You can wear Woody’s ensemble, which comes equipped with a giant pull-out drawstring even though it serves absolutely no function at all. Fashion!

Though it’s technically a larger Disney-themed fan event, D23 also highlights the latest developments in the world of video games for the house of mouse. Friday’s Premiere Stage was a full-on showcase for Marvel and Disney games, and if it wasn’t clear that the world’s biggest entertainment company is going all in on video games before, it should be now.


In the case of Disney Dreamlight Valley, well, the game was already in pretty good shape to begin with. The slice-of-life sim syncs to real time, and allows your favorite Disney characters to move in with you on an island which you can decorate extensively. But unlike Animal Crossing, Dreamlight Valley is more of a fully fledged RPG in which you can farm, craft, and go on extensive quests. Through lighthearted, smart dialogue, characters manage to both surprise and delight even while they hold true to their film counterparts. There are currently bugs which might interfere with your quests, but damn if it’s not addictive already.

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Gameloft has made it clear that it intends to support the game for the long haul. The full release is slated for sometime in 2023, at which point it will be free-to-play (with microtransactions of some sort, of course). For now, Gameloft is recommending that players save their Dream Shards, so it sounds like they’ll be valuable once currencies really start coming into play.

D23 also featured news on games like the rumored Captain America / Black Panther game (it’s by Uncharted developer Amy Hennig!) and a new edition of Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.