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Dirt 3 Rallies At The X-Games

Alright, I take back what I said about trashcan luge and moped biathlon. The X-Games are a strangely watchable sports spectacle, and a good platform for Codemasters to launch its official DiRT 3 trailer last night.


The trailer obviously showcases the changing environmental conditions you race under when the game releases next year. That last bit with the exploding tractor-trailer seems a bit overdone, but it seems to reference gymkhana, an extreme rally sport where course memorization is key and there's usually a major obstacle to navigate somehow.

[via VG247]

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I know someone else is making a WRC game but they need to buy back the license. I want to see ^this not some half assed xtreme rip off. Call it Sebastien Loeb's Rally while your at it.

p.s. Ken Block needs to go back to drifting, he can't hang with the big boys ! Just watch the end of the video, what a noob...