Last week's vigil in Paragon City was misunderstood (including by me) to be a protest against the announced shutdown of City of Heroes, the eight-year-old superhero MMO. It was intended as a statement of support and tribute, particularly to the Paragon Studios development team that, let's not forget, is seeing the end of something it cares for, as well as the end of all their jobs.


The City of Heroes community followed that up this week with a touching gesture that can't be mistaken: In just three hours, they raised $1,000 for the sole purpose of treating the City of Heroes team to dinner at a restaurant they were known to frequent.

More events are being organized in-world to show support for the game. Massively has the details.

City of Heroes fans buy Paragon Studios a meal and proclaim allegiance [Massively. h/t amori]

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