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The longest Major League Baseball game ever played remains the 25-inning marathon between the Chicago White Sox and the Milwaukee Brewers back in 1984. One devotee of MLB 11 The Show and his brother broke that mark on Monday, playing nearly a triple-header's worth of baseball.


Wonder if Dave Campbell, The Show's analyst, trotted out that shopworn line about not wanting to jinx anything, but the game's flying along. Eh. Kotaku reader kevinsmasher01 got The Show on Monday, and he and his brother played two games and figured they'd get a third in before dinner. Not so fast.

As the Oakland Athletics, kevinsmasher01 and his brother (as the Los Angeles Angels) waged an epic battle of resistable force and movable object. The A's led 1-0 despite striking out 17 times against their former ace, Dan Haren, when the Angels tied the game in the ninth inning. Then it bogged down into nearly 18 innings of stalemate.


Their mother arrived with dinner from McDonald's during the 22nd inning, but the two decided to finish the game before they ate. But as the 24th inning opened, "we realized that the new episode of "Chuck" was about to come on, so we had a ceasefire while we watched and ate our (now cold) dinner. The show started right after our 26th inning did."

Then it was back to The Show. In the 27th inning, Alberto Callaspo of the Angels doubled to right to drive in the go-ahead run, and the Athletics couldn't tie in the bottom of the inning. "The game lasted as long as a real nine-inning game," he says.

Here's your box score!

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Now the Kotaku Sports open thread commences with the sports TV highlights for today and tomorrow. All times are U.S. Eastern.


College Hoops

The second round of the NCAA Tournament - and I mean the Second Round, because that "First Four" nonsense is by no means the first round - is underway today and tomorrow. You can catch every game on CBS, TBS or TNT. Highlights include West Virginia vs Kentucky, tipping off at 12:15 on CBS; UCLA vs Florida on CBS at 2:45; Temple-San Diego State on TNT at 6:10 and Gonzaga vs. Brigham Young at 7:45 on CBS.


Mixed Martial Arts

UFC 128, headlined by Mauricio Rua vs. Jon Jones, is on pay-per-view at 10 p.m.


There may be no national broadcasts of the NBA during the first week of March Madness, but that's not the case with the NHL. The CBC's games tonight are Boston at Toronto or Tampa Bay at Ottawa at 7 p.m., followed by Colorado at Edmonton at 10.



NASCAR's "Jeff Byrd 500 presented by Food City," which everyone recognizes as the annual madcap dash in Bristol, Tenn., runs tomorrow at 1:15 p.m. on Fox.


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Hey, Oakland lost. Go figure.