Ding Dong, It's Another BioShock 2-o-Gram

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A month before its release, special deliveries from the BioShock 2 viral website are still showing up at people's doors. This time, the packages contain a chess piece and a coded telegram from the "International Order of the Pawns."


Reader J.P. says way back in September he wrote to the address one finds on the site, rather cleverly playing along with the premise of the viral marketing narrative and offering to "keep an eye on the water and report any unusual findings to Mark G. Meltzer (the name on most of the notes from the site.)" J.P. lives in Jersey City, right on the Hudson River.

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So today, he - and apparently some others, from looking at the BioShock 2 forums - got another special delivery. A black pawn piece, with a symbol marked on the outside and "H1" written on its base, and then this cryptic telegram, which appears to be a series of chess moves.

Note that J.P.'s is preceded with "I." There seem to be five other codes marked with roman numerals, according to this thread on the 2K Forums, begun sometime Saturday. I don't see that they have the "I." code listed as of writing this, so maybe this will help. Alright, y'all, get crackin'!



Okay, I think the entire message (including this one) has been decoded. I'm not sure... but here what people got on the forum.....

Trust The Red Pawn Not

Nor The Ink That Lies.

Patient Did I Dwell

In My Pillowed Cell

'Til The Pawn Arrived.

Red Pawn

Robed In White

Proffered False Degrees

Droned In Theorems

Juggling Serums

Making This Decree

Red Pawn Vowed The Vault

Of Secrets Id Reveal

Or He Would Capture

Gold Of Rapture

By Cutting Me With Steel

Scalpel Wielded High

Pawn Would Drain Me Red


I Cried

Orderly Replied

Pawn Did Cut Him Dead

In A Pool Of Blood

Stood A Pawn Most Vexed

At The Deed Hed Done

Quickly Did I Run

Before He Struck Me Next

Now I Lurk And Hide

Seeking Other Pawns

Know My Guilts A Lie

Guard Me On The Sly

From The Knave I Spawned