Digital Rentals Built in to PSPgo?

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Screwing around with the sorting feature on the PSPgo, someone's found there's only one way to arrange games and folders - by their expiration date. Expiration?


Renting a movie off of the PSN, now, that's something that would expire, and we're all familiar with that. Fareo at the Retail Gamer posted these shots with the same quality applied to games. And, purely speculation here, he reasons that since PSPgo owners are no longer able to rent games from GameFly or anywhere else - lack of the UMD drive and all that - such a service would only make sense. Wouldn't it?

Sure. This isn't a completely foreign concept. Sony's also surveyed the acceptability of such an idea.


Here's another screen proving the point.

Illustration for article titled Digital Rentals Built in to PSPgo?

Digitally Renting PSP Games? [The Retail Gamer]

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Les Vegetables

You know, I've said this before—in fact, I was going to just copy and paste but I can't find it anymore—but since it is the weekend, perhaps I can get some relevant, diplomatic discussion.

I'm not really sure if Sony is really expecting this to do great, or even well. I'm sure they are expecting to make a little profit (and that that exorbitant price, I guess it could happen), but I just have to speculate: that this is all just a testbed.

Lay down an all-digital platform now, see how it goes, how the market trends when its not a phone, and then when the PSP2 comes out, they have this great infrastructure ready to go that they actually have some experience with. They could actually be AHEAD of the curve from a non-hardware point of view, instead of spending time and money playing catchup.

Not necessarily saying the original Xbox was a test, as I have absolutely no facts/quotes/sources on that, but I think bringing it up is a good parallel to what I'm talking about here. Xbox comes out, largely considered pretty mediocre outside of being a Halo vehicle (please don't cite some random game; there are other games I enjoyed on it too, that the average person obviously didn't), but it just has this great community experience that I had never really experienced before outside of Phantasy Star Online for the Dreamcast. The Xbox dies, and then the 360 is born from the ashes, centered around what is universally considered the best online experience on a console to date.

Granted, this would be a very expensive test on their part, so perhaps I give them too much credit. But its silly to think that a company that size doesn't have the sense to know that the Go is going to be/has been berated and written off, especially when you factor in their inclusion of Blu-ray, a feature that is becoming more and more obvious that is was a right choice.

Anyways, early morning rambling while my coffee pulls my mind into the real world. Feel free to agree or disagree.