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Did You Buy a Borked Silent Hill HD on Xbox 360? Here, Have Frogger on the PS2

Illustration for article titled Did You Buy a Borked emSilent Hill/em HD on Xbox 360? Here, Have emFrogger/em on the PS2

Konami's considerate decision not to patch the broken Xbox 360 version of the Silent Hill HD Collection (read: because it costs money) has led the publisher to offer a free game to those who complain (read: because it costs less money). You just have to send an email to Konami to get the offer, according to Cheap Ass Gamer. Looking at the list of freebies, it sounds like a rebate straight out of 2002.


If you bought the Silent Hill HD Collection for Xbox 360, and you did so before Aug. 8, and you have a receipt to prove it, they will offer you your choice of a free game—and we mean an old-school physical media game, not some download.

Eligible titles include the Professor Layton ripoff Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights on the 3DS; the atrocious NeverDead for Xbox 360 or PS3 and Pro Evolution Soccer's two most recent North/Latin American releases.


Update: Not only that, one of the titles is — wait for it — Silent Hill HD on the PS3.

What makes this the lamest giveback of all time is the fact that there are also 22 titles for the original Xbox on the list, at least 13 of which are not backward compatible with the Xbox 360. Message: Did you buy a defective product from us? Here, have some trash.

Konami offering free games to Xbox 360 owners of Silent Hill HD Collection [Examiner]

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Way to post a misleading title. The title makes it look like the only game is frogger on the ps2.

At least Konami is trying to make it somewhat right by giving away another game to people. They could of easily canceled the ****** patch and did nothing.

The blame lays with Microsoft, Not Konami. Did Konami release a buggy game? Yes, but Microsoft is the one that charges like $40K to release a patch. If it wasn't for Microsoft's money grubbing, they would most likely release the 360 patch.