Did The Japanese Media Select This PSN Game By Accident?

All the major Japanese news networks are covering the PSN breach. In one TV Tokyo segment, the manager of famed Tokyo game shop Game Ma-ya explained how the outage was impacting coverage.

That isn't getting the most attention online in Japan; rather, it's the PSN game TV Tokyo selected for the segment.


Known as Trash Panic in the West, the game is Gomibako, which means "garbage can" in Japanese. Plastered all over the screen is "ゴミ箱 -GOMIBAKO- ソニー・コンピュータエンタテインメント" or literally, "garbage can Sony Computer Entertainment".

Gomibako is not a new game, so it's odd to see it splashed on the TV news. The choice could've been intentional and subliminal, or it could've been an unfortunate (still, hilarious) kwinky-dink.


【ゴミ箱】ゲームズマーヤ社長がテレビのインタビューでソニー流出問題を語る [はちま起稿]

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