Japanese PlayStation 3 owners can experience the thrill of depositing credits to continue with today's release of 100 Yen Gomibako, a special release of the PlayStation Network game known as Trash Panic in the West.

This version of Trash Panic will cost only 100 yen—about one U.S. dollar—to download. But those who purchase it will only have three credits available to play the game. Play it three times, deposit another 100 yen to play again. It's a crazy scheme, as that pricing scheme sounds a hell of a lot like a pay-to-play demo.

But 100 Yen Gomibako isn't just a handicapped version of the game formerly known as Gomibako. It features the option to play modes that would need to be unlocked in the regular version and contains a handful of PlayStation Home goodies that players can unlock.

Still, that sort of pricing scenario may feel like a waste of money with each successive credit. Unless you really need some new Home prizes, better to just grab the addictive full priced version.