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How To Get Your First Horse In Diablo IV

Race through the main story to unlock mounts as soon as possible

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A horse prepares to wear some sweet new $10 armor.
Image: Blizzard

The world of Sanctuary is huge and fast-travel alone won’t get you everywhere you need to go. Fortunately, Diablo IV gives players mounts to help them travel between dungeons and side-quests more quickly. Here’s how to get your first one.

It’s actually really straightforward: Get to Act IV. When you arrive at the capital of the Fractured Peaks, Kyovashad, you’ll automatically get the quest “Mount: Doran’s Favor.” Simply head to the stables, talk to the stablemaster, then find Doran at the Cathedral. Boom, you’ve got a horse now! Sounds easy enough.


Unfortunately, you can’t do any of this until Acts I through III are completed. They can be done in any order, but III in particular can be a slog. If you mainline Diablo IV’s story, you can hit the beginning of Act IV in about 8-10 hours. From there you can indulge in Diablo IV’s horse armor microtransaction economy at length, or wait for sets to randomly drop from world events. What fun.

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Still, it’s kind of a bummer that it takes so long to unlock mounts. The only real advantage is cutting down on backtracking—precious minutes that could be spent bashing skulls and finding more epic drops instead of running to the next quest marker. The good news is that unlocking mounts on one character will unlock them on all future characters, so when restarting with a new class you’ll have access to improved travel from the start, assuming you don’t opt to bypass the main campaign altogether on your alts.


Mounts are a first for Blizzard’s action-RPG series, as it trends toward becoming a live-service MMO. They help players quickly navigate the space in-between fast travel points. They’re finicky creatures though, and one important thing to note on PC is that your horse’s speed is directly proportional to how far away your cursor is from your character on the screen. Of course, if you’re playing as a Rogue like I am, you can effectively become your own mount. Neat!