Devil Kings Being Made Into, Yes, A Stage Play

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Capcom must be onto something with these theatrical adaptations of their franchises, because fresh off the Ace Attorney show-and-dance routine comes news Devil Kings - or Sengoku Basara - is being adapted for the stage.


Yes, Devil Kings fans, this is two stories in one night. Be still your beating hearts!


The games, which are set in Japan's Sengoku period, are unique in that for a series all about kicking ass, they're quite a hit with the ladies, with Capcom claiming that nearly half the Sengoku Basara audience are female.

The play will run from July 3 through to July 12 at the Tokyo Dome. Expect awkward YouTube recordings to surface shortly thereafter.


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Curse lily

Damn it Capcom i promise you i would buy RE5 AND PRETEND TO ENJOY IT if you bring Sengoku Basara to NA/PAL land.

Sure you did it with the first and it didn't sell but c'mon you try to take on DW with a game that maybe 3 people knew about back then and hardly any advertisement.I'm sure this time around will be different......well I'm hopeful it will be different.

P.S:First Mr. ashcraft and now you luke STOP TEASING >:[