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Developers at Blizzard prototyped Hearthstone VR during a company hackathon one of the game’s artists said in a recent interview. It allowed you to go into the tavern, sit down for a game, and even flip the table over if the cards weren’t going your way.


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Dear Blizzard...


Seriously though, I might actually play Hearthstone again if they made a VR client. I keep getting pulled into these digital CCGs but I find what I really miss about such games—and which the digital versions don’t provide is the experience of sitting down at a table and playing against somebody. It’d be a nice middle-ground. 🤔

And I mean, the original game is built on Unity, it shouldn’t be hard to make a VR client interface built upon the same backend. It’s not like it’d require a huge duplication of effort. (And if they’ve made a prototype, it sounds like a lot of the work on the frontend—i.e. the VR interface —has already been done as well.)