You know how in Deus Ex, you’d throw an item at an NPC, even with level 4 muscle augs activated, and it’d bounce off of them harmlessly and they’d make a snide comment? Thanks to GMDX, those days are over.

While GMDX is not a new mod—it’s currently at version seven—it seems this upcoming release might be its most impressive one yet. GMDX 8.0, in the words of its creator, aims to “polish Deus Ex to a very high standard, and adds new layers of depth that one would have hoped to see in a sequel.”


Practically, this means same game, but new and improved gameplay and presentation, implemented through lots of various additions and fixes. Like a perk system, for example:

Or Invisible War-style guided rockets:

Or small QOL additions like a user interface for weapon mods:

Or the couch-tossing thing (officially known as “power throwing”) mentioned up top. Basically, lots of little and not-so-little touches to help with immersion and to deepen the experience.


GMDX 8.0 will be out on December 7. Until then, its creator will be releasing ten videos showcasing the mod’s features. The first three are below—the rest will be linked on the mod’s website when they become available.

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