Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Corrupted My Saves

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is a pretty good video game. I like many things about it. It is beautiful. I haven’t predicted where the story’s going yet. I get a kick out of running errands for people. Some of the quests have me genuinely unsure what decision to make.


I dislike many things about it. It’s a weak stealth game. The third person transitions that totally rip you out of the immersiveness of the first person. The fact that the best solution to any problem is simply crawling through a vent. The fact that there’s no truly interesting ways to employ the game’s tools, like there is in games like Deus Ex and Dishonored.

19 hours in, tragedy struck, as a patch appears to have corrupted all of my saves. I was about ready to complete the Golem City section of the game, too. 19 hours gone, just like that. Worse still, the pre-order DLC items I got? They’re all gone. Square broke my game and cost me stuff I paid money for.

Now, you would be wise to say “don’t preorder games,” and most of the time, I’d listen to you, but Deus Ex: Human Revolution was one of my favorite games, and I had total confidence in the Mankind Divided devs to make something cool. For the most part, they delivered, but losing the praxis kits really hurts.

That said, there is one good thing about having to start over from scratch: I’ve learned so much more about the game. I’ve found so many more quests and interesting areas to explore. My second trip through Golem City caused me to re-assess it. Before, I thought it was absurdly linear, which was unfitting for a Deus Ex game.

As I sneaked my way through Golem City the second time, I found so many more ways to tackle the objectives that I felt like I was playing a completely new game, which was awesome. Too bad most of the new areas were linked by vents.



I love Kotaku and appreciate the words of wisdom that the talented staff output on a daily basis. That being said, this is an extremely weak article for a news publication site. Save file is corrupted, ok you’ve got my attention. However there is no substance other than you’ve experienced the game from a different viewpoint? An experience surmised in 2 paragraphs with nothing truly of substance to be said? This is not on par with what we see during the weekdays. And although I understand weekends are dedicated to guest editors the quality that I expect does not diminish with what day of the week it is. Maybe I’m not a fan a fluff and filler, this I can admit. Nor am I a particularly great writer either. Yet and still, I want to have a reason to check this site on the weekends and not for a forum discussion either. I want news or a well thought out article with a clear and concise message that is informative and useful.