Detroit Shopper Gets Cray-Cray When He Can't Return a Console

The ancient Chinese curse reads, "May you live in interesting times." So when a GameStopper says "It was an interesting day here," you know he's not talking about big sales.

Four cops in a Detroit suburb overpowered a 43-year-old man who tried to return an Xbox without a receipt and, once rebuffed, got so PO'd he threatened to kill someone.


These days, "I'm gonna kill someone," are the magic words for a bigtime police response. When the dissatisfied customer left - to get something from his vehicle he said - police answered a 911 call and did something called "active shooter response," which means getting people the f—- out of the way and putting the perp up on the f—-ing wall. Which they did. After cuffing the guy, they only found a stun gun on him, whose possession is illegal in Michigan (at least, under these circumstances it was).

Dude faces a felony for the stun gun, plus a discon misdemeanor for, I guess, raising the ruckus and requiring cops to slam him over a counter.
Armed Cops Subdue Angry Shopper Denied Refund at Oakland Mall [Detroit Free Press, thanks Paul W.]

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