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Destiny 2’s Mysterious Bridge Is Finally Finished, And Nothing Happened

Season of the Lost is the longest in Destiny’s history, and it’s run out of steam

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Destiny 2's Mara Sov stands in front of the Warlock Osiris in her Dreaming City Tower.
Image: Bungie

Destiny 2 is in a weirder spot than usual right now. Anticipation for its upcoming Witch Queen expansion is through the roof, but the game’s current seasonal story hasn’t progressed in months. Nothing highlights the gap between the growing hype and the current snooze better than the game’s latest weekly update. While construction on the mysterious bridge in the background of the Dreaming City finally reached completion, Season of the Lost’s most suspenseful questions remain unanswered.

Over the weekend, Reddit user Killomainiac pointed out something most Destiny players hadn’t noticed: a bridge was forming between Queen Mara Sov’s tower in the Dreaming City and a launch platform off in the distance. Reddit user TheTealMafia then shared a helpful timelapse showing construction began back in August of last year. Players speculated that the last piece would be added today and with it the latest twist in Destiny’s arcane, ever-growing lore. The bridge’s final piece did arrive, but any associated story twist remained MIA. “So i guess we will burn that bridge when we get to it,” quipped one player.


Season of the Lost started with a bang and confirmed that Savathûn, Hive god of mischief, had kidnapped the Warlock Osiris and impersonated him for almost a year. In the weeks that followed, Destiny 2 players were treated to a tense and intimate series of exchanges between resurrected anti-hero Uldren Sov and his power-hungry sister Mara all while Savathûn played mind games while trapped in a magical cocoon, like some alien Hannibal Lecter.


Then in early October 2021 these story beats ground to a halt after a reveal players had been waiting for for years forced Uldren to confront his dark past. That was fine. With The Witch Queen delayed to the following year, Season of the Lost would have to span six months, longer than any previous season. Plus the excellent Bungie 30th Anniversary update arrived in December, breathing new life into the live game with new missions, loot, and a mystical horse.

A view of Destiny 2's Dreaming City shows a bridge in the distance.
Six months later the bridge is complete, but not the story behind it.
Screenshot: Bungie / Kotaku

It didn’t bring any meaningful additions to Season of the Lost’s familiar drama, however. Neither did January. Now it’s February, and with just one more weekly reset to go before The Witch Queen goes live, it’s clear Bungie is waiting until the last possible moment to bust Savathûn out of her enchanted sack and show players the fallout from her meddling.

That could take the form of a final story mission dropping next week, or just a simple cutscene. The weekend before Beyond Light launched in November 2020, Bungie invited players to participate in a live event that saw the Traveler (Destiny 2’s giant white sphere) healed for the first time since the game began. So that was a thing. Or there’s always the chance Season of the Lost won’t see any final resolution until after Witch Queen begins.


At this point, no matter what the outcome, it would be hard to put a damper on excitement for the new expansion. But even so, Season of the Lost’s questionable pacing has certainly made Destiny’s longest season feel somehow even longer.