Destiny 2 Players Think They've Found An Elaborate Puzzle [UPDATE: Solved]

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There may be a complicated puzzle hidden inside Destiny 2's newest expansion, Warmind. Or maybe excited fans just want there to be. Either way, it’s been fun to watch.

UPDATE (5/12, 9:33am): It’s solved. Read more here.

The madness started when Destiny 2 players found an elaborate symbol on a wall in the bunker of Rasputin, the sentient robot who everyone thought lived on Earth but apparently was actually on Mars the whole time because Destiny. The art immediately stands out as something worth noticing—it’s a big lock surrounded by keys and other symbols:

Illustration for article titled iDestiny 2/i Players Think Theyve Found An Elaborate Puzzle [UPDATE: Solved]

The intrepid secret hunters of r/raidsecrets have already started making incredible guesses as to what this could all mean, compiling their theories here. It is difficult to overstate how deep this rabbit hole goes. Some players have tracked down symbols in the wild and tried to put them together, like a big, abstract jigsaw puzzle. Some have drawn connections between the puzzle and classical music notation. There’s even a secret message in Braille.

The running theory is that each portion of the symbol in Rasputin’s bunker corresponds to a step of the puzzle, and that once it’s all decoded, following each step in order will lead to some sort of cool reward. Although, really, the fact that it’s already been three days since Warmind and nobody has figured this out yet is reward enough. It’s reminiscent of a more glorious time for Destiny, back in the days of Sleeper Simulant and Outbreak Prime, when the secret hunters of Destiny were at their peak. It’s nice to have the mystery back.

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Say what you about Bungie’s handling of Destiny 2 (you’ll probably be right), but damn if they aren’t masterminds of elaborate in-game riddles and puzzles. I can’t wait to read about the work other people do on this, and then reap the rewards. :D