Destiny 2 Players Speedrun The Game’s Mind-Bending Prophecy Dungeon In Minutes

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Prophecy is a three-person mini-raid full of gorgeous skyboxes and fun puzzles, both of which are on full display in a recent speedrun in which players cleared the Destiny 2 dungeon in just over eight minutes.


Added when Season of Arrivals launched in early June, Prophecy lets players dig a little deeper into some of the mysteries surrounding the Darkness by navigating a maze crafted in the Ascendent Realm by the Nine. It’s arguably Destiny 2’s trippiest activity yet, sweeping celestial expanses you can fly through on a sparrow motorbike and puzzles that require you to kill enemies while standing in specific areas of light or shadow to unlock new pathways forward. Prophecy is also home to some interesting bits of lore, and overall one of the best additions to the game in a while.

Destiny speedrunners AceyBaby, Granger, and BjarturFO make it go by in a flash though, using high-mobility builds and swords that make the first-person shooter look more like a twitchy arcade action game. Some of the time-saving tricks have to do with killing enemies quick enough to get crucial foes in certain combat encounters to spawn early. Others come down to practice and skill, like the extended sections of sparrow flying that make Prophecy look even more like a waking dream.

The way it works is you spawn your sparrow in mid-air and use side-boosts as you start to fall to slowly spin the vehicle upward. Once you run out of boosts you use the sparrow as a platform to jump and then immediately summon a new one once you begin to fall. This exploit’s been around since the first game, but the wider range of sparrow perks make it much more effective in Destiny 2, and a big open area near the of Prophecy is perfect for showing it off.

While the players’ recent 8:04 Prophecy run was their quickest yet, there were still a couple of missed opportunities to save time, including a less-than-optimal fight against one of the bosses. With a more polished attempt, the fireteam is hoping to get inside of eight minutes, the sort of time most people grinding Destiny 2 could only dream of.

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I just replayed the Scourge of the Past raid, which also has a sparrow section, and it made me realize how much I miss SRL. Mainly because any time the game asks players to do anything that requires skill on their sparrows, chaos ensues and it’s hilarious. I will never not enjoy when Bungie tosses a random sparrow segment into their Destiny content!