Destiny 2's Raid Rocket Launcher Is Supposed To Be A Lot Easier To Get

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Eyes of Tomorrow is one of Destiny 2's best rocket launchers. It’s also one of its rarest, and some players who have spent months trying to get their hands on one have still come up short. They’re especially shocked now that one of Bungie’s developers has confirmed it’s supposed to be easier to get the more a person plays.


One of the things that makes Eyes of Tomorrow special is it can fire six rockets that track six different enemies simultaneously, making it fun in PVE and deadly in PVP. The other is that it only drops from Destiny 2's latest raid: The Deep Stone Crypt. Players can only find it in the chest by clearing the final boss, and even then it rarely shows up—at least for some people.

“We get this question a lot,” assistant game director Joe Blackburn wrote on Twitter yesterday. “Checked with the team, Eyes of Tomorrow does have a cumulative drop chance—meaning each week you beat Taniks on your account, the chance of you getting those sweet sweet homing rockets goes up (eventually all the way to 100% if you are super unlucky).”

Bungie didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment by Kotaku following up on what the cumulative drop rates actually are.

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Some players certainly have been super unlucky. “24 clears and still nothing. Will lucky 25 be my number?!” responded one on Twitter. “Near 40 lootable clears so far with no drop,” wrote another. “I expect to put time in, but it feels terrible to climb this high with nothing to show for it.” Plenty of players over on the game’s subreddit have also had a tough time, while others have earned multiple Eyes of Tomorrow rocket launchers in just a dozen or so raid clears.

Destiny players are used to grinding for dozens of hours to get the best perk loadouts on legendary weapons and armor with the best stat rolls, but Eyes of Tomorrow has become a big sore spot—in part because it’s required in order to unlock the game’s new coveted Deep Stone Crypt raid seal. Seals are special badges of honor showcased on player’s loadout pages, and for many Deep Stone Crypt’s is the first one they’ve chased. One of its requirements though is that players earn one each of all of the raid loot, including Eyes of Tomorrow, effectively adding a huge RNG element to an otherwise challenge-based achievement.


Plus, Eyes of Tomorrow is just a really cool rocket launcher, one that was in some ways reminiscent of the first game’s infamous Gjallarhorn exotic. Also, Bungie announced last week that rocket launchers are getting a big buff when Season of the Chosen starts on February 9. Maybe it can buff the Eyes of Tomorrow drop rates while it’s at it.

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When you have to grind and grind and grind for one rare drop, games stop being fun.

I mean, I totally get putting rare and tough to find items in games as a reward for players who want to put in the work to get them, but making it dependent on a random drop that is completely out of the players control (versus locking a weapon behind a challenge that must be overcome or an XP threshold that must be met, etc.) seems like a poor design choice.

A proper cumulative increase is a good idea. This ensures players will get the item after X amount of tries, making it less aggravating to have to repeat the same sections again and again. Not sure why Bungie is being so stingy here.