Destiny players, rejoice: If you still don’t have a mighty Gjallarhorn, you can go buy one right now.

Yep, Destiny’s exotic vendor has just arrived at the tower for the weekend, and he’s selling the ultra-powerful rocket launcher Gjallarhorn. Gjally has become (in)famous as the most widely sought-after weapon in the game, with its nice looks and its ability to melt bosses with crazy-powerful cluster-rockets. And now, for a mere 17 strange coins, it can be yours.


The only other time Xur sold Gjallarhorn was during one of his very first visits to the Tower, right after Destiny launched last fall. At the time, few if any of us recognized what a beast the launcher was. We took one look and thought, “Exotic rocket launcher? No way, I’m gonna save my coins for an auto rifle.” And we sure did regret it.

From now through early Sunday AM, you can find Xur in the back-right dance club section of the Tower. Which is appropriate, since the nearby jukebox can accompany all the happily dancing guardians.


I already have a Gjally, but I only got mine a month or so ago, so I know the sadness of every player who has gone months on end with no Gjallarhorn. Embrace this moment, my fellow Destiny players. It’s getting nerfed in like a month, so enjoy your overpowered rockets while you can.

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