It’s very good news, soplayers instantly rejoiced as word spread on Twitter and the game’s subreddit, but questions still remain about a larger damage bug that’s been raising questions within the community. Anecdotal reports and tests have established the presence of a framerate bug that causes projectile attacks to do extra damage when Destiny 2 is running at a higher FPS. Thresher missiles are one of the things impacted, but there are others as well.

Playing at 60 FPS on PS5 or Xbox Series X/S makes the issue more noticeable, especially in challenging end-game content where players are well below the power level of their adversaries. It’s even worse at higher framerates, however, which some players on PC with particularly powerful gaming rigs take advantage of. So far, Bungie hasn’t weighed in on that issue more generally, and declined to comment when Kotaku asked about it a couple weeks ago.


At least for now, there should be one less culprit. It’s just in time too, considering this week’s story mission forces you to shoot one down in order to progress. I won’t say how many times it killed me, but for a moment I felt like I was back playing Elden Ring again.