Desert Bus Creators Take on Jack Thompson

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This trailer for Penn & Teller: Bullshit - an unabashedly biased take on the talking points of various agenda pushers - puts our favorite disbarred lawyer in the crosshairs in the upcoming season.

Looks like they're going after the idea that video game violence begets real world violence, specifically Thompson's claim that games represent "the greatest attack on children since polio." Shouldn't take much for this Mythbusters-with-a-middle-finger to knock that one down.

The rest of the minute long trailer says bullshit four times and also features audio of women orgasming, or at least faking it, and saying "female ejaculation." So, consider it NSFW. P&T:BS resumes its next season Thursday on Showtime. Not sure if Jack's in the premiere episode or what. Update: Newly-minted commenter MontagueMusket points out the JT episode will be July 9, according to Wikipedia.


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Penn & Teller: Bullshit Starring Jack Thompson [GameStooge, thanks Jonah Falcon]

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so whats the deal with "female ejaculation" aka "squirters"? Is it bullshit? Just urine?