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Were you one of the thousands of Pokémon fans like me who missed out on getting Darkrai from Toys R Us, letting the whole thing completely slip your mind at the last minute? Well prepare to have your mind go completely blank later this month as GameStop is now pulling out their Pokémon and waving it about for all to see. Forget to visit GameStop on the weekends of June 20th and 27th and you'll be missing out on the chance to score a rare Deoxys, a Pokémon formed from a mutation of a extraterrestrial virus exposed to a laser beam.


Laser Pokémon? Count me in, at least until June 30th when I realize I never made it to the store!

Thanks to Gene for sending in this picture of the official advertisement. Thanks to him I'll be very curious as to why I set my DS on my bedside table come Monday following the event.

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