We New Yorkers don't really need another reason to feel way cooler than the rest of the country, but what the hey - here's another one. If you missed the Pokemon Darkrai giveaway event at Toys R Us stores over the weekend, you still have the entire month to pick up the little guy at the Nintendo World Store.

An employee of the Store just confirmed to us that Darkrai will be available there until the end of June. So if you haven't snagged that lil' Legendary yet, there's still time! If you live in New York, of course. If not, you have given all six or seven million residents of the nation's Empire just one more reason to think we're so great.


Aw, I kid, I kid. Come visit! Walk, bike, run, you'll get here in time! You can all crash on my couch! Everybody! It's a Pokemon, come on!

(Extra special thanks to Rayuen for passing on the tip over at Sexy Videogameland)