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As we know, 1993's Super Mario Bros. movie went through a few different scripts (and entire concepts) before it hit the silver screen.


This created a few problems! One of them being the fact the movie's big name stars, like Dennis Hopper and Bob Hoskins, were signed up because they liked the looks of a "Mad Max" style movie set in a dystopian future. By the time they turned up on set, however, things had changed.

Two writers, Parker Bennett and Terry Runté, had been brought in to compile a revised, workable screenplay, and budget constraints meant that it wasn't just special effects that had to go. Some lines of dialogue had to go as well.

Which didn't sit too well with Dennis Hopper.


"We were drafted in to just look through the script at everything that hadn't been shot and see if we could make any cuts, anything we could trim or shorten or do less of, because they were so far over-budget", Bennett told fan site SMB The Movie Archive in a 2010 interview.

"So, we did that and we did it to the point where Dennis Hopper was hollering at me because I cut some lines of his. Like for half-an-hour he was hollering at me and made Terry and me look up the word 'act' in the dictionary."


Being consummate professionals, they held their tongues and did just that.

Interview—Parker Bennett (Screenwriter) [, via Go Nintendo]

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