Earlier this year, a Nintendo patent came to light that described a function that would allow players to "skip" parts of the game they found difficult.


This system eases the pain of completing a difficult game, without watering it down so much that it turns hardcore gamers off.

The new system, described in a patent filed by Nintendo Creative Director Shigeru Miyamoto on June 30, 2008, but made public in January, solves the issue of casual gamers losing interest in a game before they complete it, while still maintaining the interest of hardcore gamers.

Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto first hinted at the feature to us at E3.


The feature, called "Demo Play", will first appear in console New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and according to an article in Japan's Nikkei, the function won't only appear in console games, but also in upcoming portable titles. Demo Play is described as being suitable for "high speed action games".

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