EA Sports and VISA have teamed up to put out a reloadable debit card whose purchases rack up "rewards points" redeemable toward video game purchases. Wait, what if you use it to buy an EA Sports game?

The prepaid card, announced Wednesday, "is a perfect marriage of encouraging responsible spending while providing a unique reward program," says EA Sports global marketing boss Todd Sitrin. Purchases accrue rewards points at more than 26,000 physical locations across the U.S., and more than 700 online retailers.


Like frequent flyer or other rewards programs, when a cardholder buys something, a percentage of that goes into a rebate fund for purchasing EA Sports titles. Although it's a debit card the balance is reloadable either from a bank account or buy purchasing other cards available at places like Walmart, CVS, Radio Shack and 7-Eleven.

If you really want this card but don't know where to find one, call 877-732-7114 and you can enroll over the phone.

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