Dead Space 2 First Look: Isaac on a Train

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About 30 seconds of gameplay from the upcoming Dead Space 2 was just shown at PAX East during a panel discussion of the game. In it, Isaac flies through a few runaway train cars and zaps a necromorph.

If you want to see it, skip ahead to 23:50 of the video below. It's a somewhat shakycam that goes out of focus, but the gist of what you're seeing is intact. By the way, how badass is it that Isaac Clarke was a panelist in this discussion?

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The jet boots are neat. It's turning out great.

I am huge fan of the first Dead Space, not much for it's scares since videogames have yet to scare me in any way, but more for it's amazing ambiance. Dead Space just "felt" right. The controls were perfect, I never bitched about the camera or the placement of thing on screen, and the upgrades kept the gameplay interesting....

and the story? I'll go out on a limb and say that i was very engaged with it, and am fascinated by the backstory of the Marker and unitology and pretty much everything else. Mixing religion with sci-fi(if done right) is something that always amuses me a lot, i don't know why.

From this video and from what i know i gather that Isaac is now a lot more important and renowned than he used to be in the first? He seems equipped to fight this time, which is great. I guess he's going to be the Leon Kennedy of DS.

By the way, anyone play Extraction and recommend me finishing it? Unlike most people, i dont mind a rails shooter. I was having a lot of fun with it, but i forgot why i stopped. Does it have more sweet sweet backstory?