Dead Rising Designer On Diatribes And Promises

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In the last couple of years, Keiji Inafune (Dead Rising, Mega Man) has become a somewhat controversial figure in the Japanese game industry. That's what happens when you say things like the Japan makes "awful games".


Right after the Tokyo Game Show, Inafune wrote a long blog post titled "Don't Call Me Immature" in which he touched on several issues that ranged from clarifying his "Japan's-industry-is-dead" remarks for the umpteenth time to the chances that he and Capcom have been taking this generation. He even said there was internal opposition to the TGS playable demo of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.


In a post on September 28, Inafune talks about "that game" he wants to make. He says there are games he would like to make, but probably will not be able to. He also talks about games of his that haven't sold.

"Even in the games that haven't sold," Inafune blogs, "there are ones that I love." Even if the games don't sell, he says that he does not want to wipe them from his game history. "Even if there games didn't sell, I made them with all my heart."

Shifting gears, he adds that he swears that one day he will make "that game". Inafune did not write what exactly "that game" was. "It's not just me, but a game that pretty much the entire staff pledges to make."

One day has come pretty quick, because if you have been following the recent news, "that game" seems to be Mega Man Legends 3 — a title that was revealed a day after he teased "that game" he wanted to make.


Inafune is a lighting rod — and that's not necessarily a bad thing. For every time he ticks off the hardcore fanbase with something like DMC: Devil May Cry, he seems to be apt in balancing things out with something like Mega Man Legends 3 — or a playable Monster Hunter Portable 3 demo.

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Inafune-san, the Japanese game industry is (kind of) dying, because your games and everything games under your supervision (hint: Resident Evil 5 and so on) do not change at all, they are just like the older prequels, perhaps with upgraded graphics. That's all the things you are blaming for what the other Japanese gamedevelopers are doing to hurt the gaming market, while you are doing the same.

As for thing Inafune-san said about the Japanese being behind with the graphics and other technical stuffs, well, blame the long success of the SONY Playstation 2 where Japanese developers only developed games only on the PS2 while neglecting the technical advancements such as advance shaders that next-gen gpu are supporting for so long.