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Controller in hand, standing inches away from a flat panel running Dead Rising 2 at an event in a Tokyo cantina, the thing that most intrigued me about the game wasn't the ability to slice zombies with a sword or beat them with anything from a wheelchair to a golf club, it was the duct tape.


The first time I got a substantial look at the game, back in April, Capcom showed us how Dead Rising 2 lead Chuck Greene could ride a dirt bike to plow through a sea of zombies. Better still, the Canadian developers for the famed Japanese game also showed us how Greene could ride a dirt bike equipped with chainsaws on the handlebars.

What held the chainsaws in place? Duct tape.

Playing through a section of Dead Rising 2 today, I couldn't help but notice it was duct tape that strapped two chainsaws to a wooden pole and that it was duct tape that held a virtual armory of assault weapons to a motorized wheelchair. Duct tape, it seems, is going to play an important role in Dead Rising 2.


We know from interviews with Capcom's Keiji Inafune that Greene will have another skill, one not directly connected to shooting or slicing.

With the increased presence of duct tape in the game I can't help but wonder if that new skill will be the ability to craft your own weapons by attaching things together with duct tape.

There's also a strong possibility, with recent news that at least part of the game will take place in a Running Man game show of sorts, that players may be able to capture video of game play.


My sources won't tell me if either of these guesses are accurate, but there was certainly a lot of eyebrow raising and chin rubbing when I asked.

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