Dead Rising 2: Handyman? Cameraman?

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Dead Rising 2 will not have photography. Capcom's Keiji Inafune was pretty clear about that when I spoke with him last week.


That's because the photography in the first Dead Rising was tied specifically to Frank West and his career as a photojournalist. He's covered wars, you know?

Dead Rising 2? It stars Chuck Greene, a motocross champion, Inafune told me, that means that he will be "damn good" on the motorcycle and get it to do some pretty amazing things. But Inafune hinted that Greene won't just be about the motorcycle.

"Based on his personality and the different choices he made he will have different skills," Inafune said.

Like what? Too early to tell, but not too early to guess.

High on the list, I think, is the possibility that Greene will be able to make his own weapons, or at least customize them. Watching the trailer and sitting in on the presentation, I couldn't help but notice that the chainsaws found in the game were often duct-taped to other things to crank up their killing power.

The bucket with drills attached to it, the nail-wrapped propane tank? There's no way you're going to just find those lying around. I think there's a good chance that Greene will have some hand in how these weapons come to be.


I also think, and perhaps this is entirely wishful thinking, that there's a good chance that while photography won't be in the game, video will. Why not give Greene a helmet cam? And what about all of the security cameras you find in a casino? And all of those security camera shots we see in the trailer?

What better way to one-up the photography of Dead Rising then by adding videography to Dead Rising 2?



I have not played the first game. Can anyone here explain why some people are insistent on photography being involved? I understand that it was the character's job in the 1st game, but the few times in games I've played that you use a camera (GTA IV, Hitman, Pokemon Snap) it was pretty lame. Was there a special use besides story development for the photos?