Dead Rising 2 Gets Hassle-Free Australian Certification

Illustration for article titled emDead Rising 2/em Gets Hassle-Free Australian Certification

Last time a zombie game put in for classification down under, it was refused, appealed and, finally, spitefully whitewashed of violence just to be approved for sale. Dead Rising 2 faced no such difficulties this year.


Gamespot reports that Capcom's zombie chop-shop got an MA15+ from the country's Classification Board. It's the toughest handed out in a country that notoriously lacks an 18-or-over rating, not for a lack of trying lately. THQ says the game was not edited at all in order to obtain certification in Australia.


The game carries warnings for "strong horror violence," plus blood and gore. Apparently duct-taping a chainsaw to a boat oar doesn't qualify as cartoon violence.

Dead Rising 2 Passes Aussie Censors [GameSpot]

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Why would THQ know if the game were edited? Are they publishing Capcom's game in Australia?