Dead Island Movie Back On Track

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Deep Silver sold the film rights for the Dead Island franchise to Lions Gate in 2011, but then nothing happened and the rights reverted to the mothership. Now, Deep Silver is partnering with indie production house Occupant Entertainment to put the film adaptation on the fast track.


First reported by Deadline, there's no set concept for what the movie will be like yet, aside from that whole zombie thing. It sounds like they're soliciting pitches, in fact, according to a quote attributed to Occupant bosses Joe Neurauter and Felipe Marino.

"We want to find the right filmmaker and present somewhat of an open canvas, to make something distinct and original that also appeals to and expands the core audience."


What that means is we don't know anything about it and neither do they, but they want to start production early next year even so. Good luck! Hopefully it'll run at 60fps.

P.S. This is the second time this week Deep Silver has taken matters into its own hands, after taking over Homefront from Crytek.

via Deadline

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