DC Universe Adds 120,000 Players After First Free-to-Play Day

Illustration for article titled DC Universe Adds 120,000 Players After First Free-to-Play Day

Shifting to a free-to-play model yesterday, DC Universe Online opened the gates to the freeloading hordes. More than 120,000 signed up for the MMO said John Smedley, the president of Sony Online Entertainment. That figure's for the PC, though. No word yet on PS3 enrollments.


Smedley also touted figures for number of users logged in, up more than 400 percent over the previous month. Sounds great, until you realize the influx of free players have caused stability issues and long login queues.

Under the new freemium model, free players get two character slots and all standard game content; tiered pricing delivers additional character slots and expansions, plus a larger item inventory.

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So, do you still have to purchase the game?

I mean, did they just sell 120k new copies of the game?

Or is it free to play, as in literally free?