DayZ Stalker Wants to Dismember You, Be With You Forever

Only in a game featuring permadeath could this stalker encounter become as macabre and hilarious as it is. "This crazy guy starting following me and threatening to cut my head off during a DayZ live stream," says the video's uploader. He really is running for his life, and his stalker really is suicidally obsessed with running him down. And the dying words, as the white knight with the silenced rifle saves the day, are in perfect character.


YouTube video uploaded by Normal Difficulty

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I think the best encounter I ever had with a PvPer was probably in Ultima Online. I was running around in Felucca, which I didn't ordinarily do (it's the facet of the game where PvP is enabled so you can be attacked by anyone), and this player kitted out in the most ridiculously powerful armor I had ever seen, with his name displaying as red which meant he had killed other players, started coming at me with purpose while readying a spell. Without thinking I typed, "Wait! I bring tribute!" And after the longest pause, the guy goes, "... go on." And I just started pulling all the random, unremarkable garbage I had out of my character's backpack, like an apple ("An apple of enlightenment, said to have been plucked from the oldest tree by the hand of a pure virgin by moonlight!") a piece of wood for crafting ("A remnant of the ship set sail upon by Lord Blackthorne and said to resonate with his very war cries!") and so forth. And the guy HAD to know I was full of crap and just bullshitting like a champion because I could see from his profile he had been playing for years, but he just went, "Yes, yes! This pleases me! You have done well, mortal. Pass freely through my domain!" That was years ago and I always remember it.

And then I guess the time I was playing and I was hiding in some other player's castle from a naked man named Stab Frenzy on a llama in the snow was pretty memorable too.