To: Ashcraft From: McWhertor Re: Don't Forget About Arcade Mania This Saturday Night! My precious little MacBook gave me quite a little scare last night when the keyboard and trackpad suddenly stopped responding. This put me in, what I thought, was quite a pickle. With three very important Meat Bun projects due on Monday and a trip to Tokyo happening on Wednesday, I was screwed. And I was planning on dropping another two Gs on an emergency Mac purchase. Double screwed. Scary! Fortunately, the little guy was all better by morning but boy was I was stressed. I imagine this is what parenthood is like. Yes, I have a horrible imagination. (Have fun at your Arcade Mania party!!) Here are some posts you should probably read: Activision Trademarks 'Dance Hero' Best Buy Getting Gears 2 Pre-order RC Tank New Xbox Experience - Themes And Friends Warhammer Battle March Review: Marching Backwards Sony Price Dropping 40GB PS3 Model This Weekend