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New Xbox Experience - Themes And Friends

Illustration for article titled New Xbox Experience - Themes And Friends

Over at the Gamerscore Blog they're continuing their weekly series on The New Xbox Experience, this week taking a look at how the changes will effect themes and your friends list, or more precisely, how the two will interact. In the screenshot above (click for a closer look) you can see the friends in the example are hanging out next to various items reflecting the theme you have in the background. A nifty idea, though it is sure to cause some problems for third-party themes. What kind of objects you you place behind avatars hanging out on a scantily clad Gemma Atkinson? Bikini wax? An airbrush? All will be revealed in due time. NXE – What You Want to Know: Themes 2.0 and Friends Channel [Gamerscore Blog]


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This beats the crap out of Playstation 3 Themes and Wii Mii's.