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David Cross Says He Wrote Jokes For Destiny That Bungie Didn't Use

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Destiny has been accused of many things, but “having personality” is probably not one of them. It came out of the womb last September totally deadpan and remarkably serious, but apparently it wasn’t always going to be that way.

Indeed, noted joke person David Cross told IGN this week that Bungie flew him and fellow comedian Brian Posehn to Bellevue to apply some life to Ghost, the little floating robot voiced notoriously badly by Peter Dinklage. But then apparently they didn’t use any of their contributions.


“They did not use a single, solitary thing that we wrote, which is a shame because we wrote some stuff that – you know, we’re gamers, and they… – I would imagine somebody somewhere said, ‘We can’t inject this levity or humour into it,’ “ Cross said.

“When it came out I was way into it and way excited about it, and when you’re at an hour 20 of that thing, it’s like the Ghost is kind of monotone saying this thing, ‘We must get over the ridge. That’s the cabal – we’ve got to defeat him.’ Whatever, it’s boring as shit, and I speak for myself and Brian, and I know thousands if not millions of other gamers would be like It would be nice to have a joke or something in there.’ “ Head over to IGN for the rest of Cross’ comments on the matter.


As someone who played the same missions over and over in Destiny for several months last year, I agree that a joke or 50 would have been nice. Thinking about this is actually depressing me a little. BRB, gonna go cook up some “that joke came from the moon (and then was sent back)” memes.

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