Daring Escape Jumper Canabalt Goes Open Source For A Good Cause

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If you've ever wanted to dig into the guts of Flash game and iPhone hit Canabalt, its creators are giving you that chance, making the indie game open source as part of a charity celebration.

Canabalt—and Eliss and Drop 7 and Solipskier and Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor and Osmos—were just responsible for a $25,000 donation to Penny Arcade's Child's Play charity, the spoils of a recent iPhone indie sale. The creators of Canabalt are marking the occasion by giving away the code to their game for free, perhaps making it easier for you to create your own one-button platformer.


Maybe you can even craft your own two-player Canabalt port...

Over $25,000 Raised For Charity: Canabalt Goes Open Source! [Semi Secret Software]

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John of Fire

I am still disappointed at ipod users for not picking up these titles. These are some of the most distinguished ipod games and they were all on sale for charity and most of these did not even make the top 100 titles for the month. People were too busy buying EAs titles. (filling most of the top ten) I guess it is like regular gaming platforms but it is still sad nonetheless.