Video games provide a fertile field for generational gap humor. One young man just took his father for a spin with Grand Theft Auto V (and some wine), secretly recording the observations. He seems to grasp the central theme. "Take that copper! It's society's fault!"

It helps that father and son are British, as nonplussed observations are so much funnier in that accent. "Did you see that sign?" Dad says, after being introduced to a Grand Theft Auto staple, the vulgar parody advertisement. "Pisswasser?! Hmm. Yah, I'm gonna have some Pisswasser."

The video is about 10 minutes long and more than half of it is spent just getting the hell out of the first driving tutorial, with son shouting directions, like "Not circle! Not circle! What the hell did you do?!"

"I pressed them both in at the same time and it just flew off the cliff. Is there a flying mode?" Dad laments that directions are not given "like on Tom-Tom. ... In 400 metres, please run over the pedestrian."

"Gangsters use Garmin," son replies. Dad does have his moments though; he 180s out of a reverse to get away from the fuzz, congratulating himself throughout. After finally completing the first mission, he's in for an even more harrowing challenge: Parking his car in Franklin's driveway.


My Dad Plays GTA V: A Montage [tehraptortheo on YouTube via Reddit]