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Cyberpunk 2077 Patch Will Ensure Fans Stop Having Sex With Wrong Characters

CD Projekt Red will make it harder to accidentally do gay stuff

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Cyberpunk 2077 receptionist for the Clouds brothel checking in a guest at the computer.
Screenshot: CD Projekt Red

Cyberpunk 2077’s next big patch, 1.3, still doesn’t have a release date—but we now have a little bit more insight into what it will include. These additions offer improved minimap directions and a perk reset option. The update will also fix the game’s infamous brothel scene where players kept accidentally picking the wrong person to sleep with.

Yes, you read that right, approximately one third of the preliminary notes for the long-awaited, much anticipated patch 1.3 are dedicated to a small fix for Clouds. That’s the VIP “Dollhouse” players visit early on in the game in order to find more information about missing quest-giver Evelyn Parker. During the mission, you’re setup with a private room where you can meet with either a male or female sex worker, and due to some weird UI design players often accidently choose the wrong one.


In the current version of the game, Skye, the female option, is presented on first, and on the left, while Angel, the male option, is shown second and on the right. The names only show up for a split second before disappearing, however. The dialogue prompt to decide then lists Angel first, a move which confused enough people that it was a topic of endless discussion on the Cyberpunk 2077 subreddit when the game came out last December. “The most difficult choice in the game,” reads one post with nearly 30,000 upvotes. More notably, some men playing the game started freaking out, leading to funny headlines like, “Men Are Having A Very Normal One About Accidentally Boning Guys In Cyberpunk 2077.”

To fix this, CDPR will keep the names listed through the entire conversation up until you’re asked to decide. It even went through the trouble of making a YouTube video showing the subtle change in action.

“It was one of my first tasks when I moved to this project and I was digging into code for a long time because I wanted to understand our UI videos system, and at the end I realised that the problem is in video setup,” wrote CDPR UI programmer Natalie. “Value for video time was shorter than the video sequence. This way, players will better understand the decision they are making in this story sequence.”


The great irony of course is that while the scenes in question are full of sexual tension neither involves any physical sex. Whether you choose Skye or Angel, both simply talk with you and listen as you unload your emotional baggage and existential dread on them. The minimap and perk reset option are more welcome changes, though neither of them feels too mind-blowing either.

The much bigger question is if and how patch 1.3 will continue to improve Cyberpunk 2077 on base consoles where it’s still performing at hard-to-recommend levels. The game finally returned to PSN last month, but after momentarily hopping back on the best seller charts has since dropped back off again. CDPR plans to show off more of the upcoming update in a Twitch stream scheduled for August 17 at 12:00 p.m. ET.