Cutie Cosplayer Wants to Make You a Plush Toy

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Remember Hezachan? Destroyer of websites from the Top 50 Cosplay Cleavage Shots debacle-a-thon? She's also a big Starcraft fan, and her seamstress skills don't stop at stitching together anime getups.

Sure, this is a big free ad - but Heza's not exactly fish food, and she's got a history on weekends. She's hand-made a Reaver plushie that is just dawwwww-adowable, and she's selling it on eBay for $30 OBO, plus $6 shipping.

Illustration for article titled Cutie Cosplayer Wants to Make You a Plush Toy

So if you dig Starcraft, engines of devastation, fluorescent yellow Ceti eels, or just want to touch something that's touched Heza, run right out and bid it up.

StarCraft Reaver Plushie Toy - Custom Made [eBay]

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This thread nicely illustrates an awkward thing about Kotaku commenting, which is that, unlike many websites, I'd estimate roughly 90% of the people mentioned in articles also read Kotaku.

It's one of Kotaku's greatest strengths, in my opinion, as the public's voice is actually being heard. Unfortunately, it also means, well... that the public's voice is being heard.

I'm not here to be anyone's parents, and yes, I realize that any woman who deliberately propagates pictures of her cleavage on the internets should be thick-skinned enough to deal with any and all comments that come her way.

I'm just reminding people, in the bigger picture, to perhaps bear in mind that everything we collectively rip to shreds in comments, from people's appearances to the graphics and animations in every videogame, is being read by those responsible for presenting it to us.

Obviously, the way to win the internet is still to be a dick, but maybe, on occasion, let someone else win?