Remember Hezachan? Destroyer of websites from the Top 50 Cosplay Cleavage Shots debacle-a-thon? She's also a big Starcraft fan, and her seamstress skills don't stop at stitching together anime getups.

Sure, this is a big free ad - but Heza's not exactly fish food, and she's got a history on weekends. She's hand-made a Reaver plushie that is just dawwwww-adowable, and she's selling it on eBay for $30 OBO, plus $6 shipping.


So if you dig Starcraft, engines of devastation, fluorescent yellow Ceti eels, or just want to touch something that's touched Heza, run right out and bid it up.

StarCraft Reaver Plushie Toy - Custom Made [eBay]