Cut Paul "@OceanMarketting @OceanStratagy" Christoforo a Break—He Might Just Have Roid Rage [Updated]

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It's been a heck of a day for Paul Christoforo, whose flippant email to a customer asking about his Avenger controller order has made Christoforo a walking memetic punchline. But maybe we should cut Christoforo a break for his overly aggressive emails: he could just be feeling the effects of roid rage.


We asked for official comment from "Brandon Leidel, Director of Marketing" using an email address with which we've previously corresponded in the past. (

Hey guys,

Is Ocean Marketing a third-party agency for you guys or in-house?


Joel Johnson
Editorial Director, Kotaku

We got a quick reply from Brandon.

Hey Joel,

3rd party agency we were using to help us through the Holidays . I think things are a bit blown out of proportion on this today.

Brandon Leidel,
Director of Marketing

Strangely, though, the email came from "". A cursory Googling of that email reveals that it's one of the addresses used by Mr. Christoforo. It's even listed as a contact address in one of his "@oceanstratagy" tweets from last year. (If it is Mr. Christoforo posting his email address, he also enjoys collecting tropical fish.)

That same Hotmail address is also used as a contact address in a post on, a internet message board for people who used anabolic steroids. Under the alias "TheAngryPimp", someone who lists "CSTROPHIC@HOTMAIL.COM" as their contact address asks:

Guys whats up we have been here already im comming off a 16 week Test cycle its been almost 3 weeks my levels are almost back to normal i can post actual labs if you like im taking tamox 20mgs a day but my energy levels are shot im tired no motivation to go to the gym the past week whats the deal what do i need to do slap myself in trhe face and push or get some clen, winny or something else help and advice would be awsome i need my energy levels back and i need to get my ass in the gym asap, please get back to me anyone if you have advice im on msn CSTROPHIC@HOTMAIL.COM or post your advice here please. Thanks alot

"Tamox" is a common shorthand for Tamoxifen, an estrogen receptor antagonist used as "post-cycle recovery" compound for those coming off of a round of anabolic steroids. While we cannot confirm that "TheAngryPimp" is Mr. Christoforo, looking at other posts by the user yields a wealth of salient advice, including this especially trenchant gem given by "TheAngryPimp" to a forum newbie: "Your a real tough guy huh , relax with the roid rage lol,".

Note: Earlier today, Christoforo ditched the "@oceanmarketting" Twitter account and started "@oceanstratagy" instead, leaving the former Twitter account available for the taking; it is now being promoted by a new person as a parody account that promotes indie video games.


Update: Brandon Leidel writes:

Hi Joel,

I have been following this story since this morning when someone notified me about what was going on. I did not write that response to you.

Yes, in the past I received email at but even then we were an outsourced marketing agency for N-Control. I no longer receive email at that address because we fired N-Control as a client about 8 months ago due to constant shipping delays (which we had to deal with) and their association with Paul Cristoforo who is a street thug masquerading as a self proclaimed "Marketing Professional". This guy is a complete fool and somehow strong armed his way into working with the company so we walked away. I am not surprised in the slightest bit by what's going on right now. In fact, we told the owners of the company on many occasions that this would eventually happen.

I wasn't going to chime in but since he is replying as me, I can't resist. I personally can't stand him.



Brandon Leidel - CEO, Director of Operations
The HAND Media, Inc.


Hey, it's "Dave" from the email pissing match with Paul. I'm truly amazed this guy let this matter escalate to such proportions. I really just want my damn controller for x-mas so I can play -_-

Anyways, it's the x-mas season, I'm talking with the guy to try and clear this up, so I would like to urge some holiday restraint.