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Cuphead Fan Makes Awesome Stop-Motion Tribute

Gif: Davy Productions (YouTube)

A fan spent four months working on this Cuphead stop-motion animated short and it’s fantastic.


Running just over a minute and a half, the video shows Cuphead and Mugman making a mess of things in the Devil’s Casino after placing some bad bets.

Creator Davy Productions said they fell in love with the bullet hell platformer shortly after its 2017 release and decided to make the stop-motion tribute after McFarlane Toys released its Cuphead-themed construction sets.


The folks over at Studio MDHR who made Cuphead were also impressed. “Words can hardly describe our reaction when we saw this unbelievable video,” the studio tweeted out yesterday.

Meanwhile, Cuphead fans can also now show their love in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate after the game’s latest patch which, among other things, added a special Cuphead Mii costume and the game’s Floral Fury music track.

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Sorry, but this is the only thing I can ever think of when I see stop-motion.