Cube World Keeps Getting Better and Better. This New Video Proves it.

A world without Cube World is a sad world. At least we have a new gameplay video to tide us over.


The five-minute video, in addition to giving us the usual procedurally generated cuboid RPG-goodness we're used to, showcases a whole lot of stuff we didn't get to see before. These are, in developer Wollay's words:

  • classes (warriors, rogues, rangers, mages)
  • pet riding
  • world map
  • crafting
  • skill trees
  • boats

Cube World is coming to PC (and later, Mac) when it's done. That day can't come soon enough.

New Cube World Video! [Wollay's Blog]

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The minecraft, ultimate open world crafter design (cause I can't think of a better way to explain it) is a new genre, just like GTA 3 when it came out. Everyone complained when other games like it (Crackdown or Saints Row for instance) came out, now they have fan bases... except maybe Crackdown. Minecraft is being 'ripped' off a lot, not because everyone is copying it but because Minecraft gave birth to an entirely new genre of game in its own way. What you're seeing aren't duplicates but alternatives in an entirely new genre of games. I for one am all for it. Minecraft, Cube World, Love and Starforge are just a few of these new true open world games. Minecraft started it, but unlike GTA I don't think Minecraft will stay on top. While it's great, I see a lot of lack luster design and lazy coding going on with it, groups like Starforge or Cubeworld seem to be taking the concept to its next logical development step where as Mojang seems happy just grinding away at the same game never making improvements or upgrades just small tweaks all the time.