CS:GO Players Can Now Pay A Buck A Month To Access Better Statistics

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Why use free Counter-Strike: Global Offensive stat tracking websites like csgostats.gg or Leetify when you can now pay a $.99 monthly subscription fee for Valve’s official and less comprehensive CS:GO 360 Stats service? Because they’re free and more comprehensive? Ah.


CS:GO’s Operation Broken Fang recently came to a close, but the operation’s stat tracking lives on as an optional paid service called CS:GO 360 Stats. For the low launch price of one U.S. dollar a month, players gain access to stats from Competitive, Premier, and Wingman game modes. There’s an official FAQ that details what players get for their money, including the fact that once that monthly dollar is paid there are no refunds, even if you’re banned, so play nice.

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CS:GO players on the game’s Reddit page largely aren’t happy about CS:GO 360 Stats. Some players are concerned the launch of this official service signals that Valve will move to kill third-party stat gathering from the aforementioned free sites. They might be on to something there. I can’t see this silly subscription service taking off as long as better free alternatives that have already been embraced by the community at large continue to function.

Long story short, CS:GO 360 Stats is now available, seems dumb and bad.

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Gallus Advocatus, Esq.

The title, first paragraph, and rest of the article don’t seem to be able to take a position. Is it free, or $1? Is it more comprehensive, or less comprehensive? Better, or worse? If you were being intentionally confusing for a punch line, it isn’t working.