Crytek's CEO: Piracy Threatens PC Exclusivity

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Tucked into a wide-ranging interview with IGN is this nugget from Cervat Yerli, the CEO of Crytek, developer of Crysis:

It's crazy how the ratio between sales to piracy is probably 1 to 15 to 1 to 20 right now. For one sale there are 15 to 20 pirates and pirate versions, and that's a big shame for the PC industry. I hope with Warhead I hope we improve the situation, but at the same time it may have an impact on [our] PC exclusivity in the future.


Yerli goes on to say that if a game isn't an online multiplayer game, it's up for grabs to piraters, and for that reason the company is spending development effort making Crysis: Warhead more difficult to crack. But if it doesn't pan out, and PC games continue to be pirated at the 15:1 ratio he offers, it's going to affect Crysis' development strategy in the future. "We would only consider full PC exclusives - if the situation continues like this or gets worse - I think we would only consider PC exclusive titles that are either online or multiplayer and no more single-player," Yerli says.

So I guess the message is: PC gamers, stop pirating and start snitching on your friends if you want more exclusives out of Crytek. And to show he's serious, he also tells IGN they're working on a non-Crysis console game.


Cevat Yerli Q&A [IGN]

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@Kajetan: Man, no reason to attack that guy personally :)

Ok, i got it,some people don´t like Crysis, maybe not Crytek either and maybe not even the developers they never met personally. Ok. But how come you bitch so much about these guys and take them as sample for "if they made good games i´d buy em" and then disregard all the other companies who were pc centric in the past and are now console centric?

I´ve been to a gamedeveloper meeting yesterday which was mostly about recruiting youngsters and the common sense in every developer´s presentation when introducing their company and current and future development was that they either already are multi platform or will be in the coming 6 months.

I like games Blizzard and Valve make a lot but to me the reason they make that much money is less that people like their stuff so much more, its just that its more troublesome/less enjoable to go with hacked versions of WoW/Steam games.

Again, i don´t believe in the point that people who now steal games would buy way more if the games were that much better.

Otherwise everyone who steals games wouldn´t steal any games and instead just buy every game that is truely good and then spend their time with those genuinely good games.

Many people just have the view why pay for it if i can get it for free? and also: Hey, something new is available for download, i´ll add that one to the queue, too.