Crytek Buys Free Radical

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Timesplitters and Haze developer Free Radical Design has found financial sanctuary in German developer Crytek, who is reported to have purchased the struggling Nottingham, UK dev for an undisclosed amount.


According to 1UP, Free Radical scriptwriter Rob Yescombe confirmed the purchase of Free Radical by the developers of Far Cry and Crysis, saying that the decade-old company "is now out of the woods."

Free Radical closed its doors in December, rather surprisingly to some, as employees showed up to locked doors and subsequent mass "redundancies."

The studio's closure led to details on two of its projects, Star Wars Battlefront III and TimeSplitters 4, being leaked far and wide.

We just hope that the company is truly out of the woods. And by that, we mean having foregone any delusions of a Haze sequel.


Crytek Purchases Free Radical, Says Haze Scriptwriter [1UP]



Much better a fate than Ritual suffered. They're now working for MumboJumbo. Ugh.