Couple overnight tips point out this weird Rock Band 2 spot presently running, apparently, in the UK. First, Harmonix have given this young lass a full backal lobotomy and replaced the brain matter with a miniaturized band. No wonder she has such a placid look. More important is the message "Rockband 2 out November, Rockband out now," at 0:16 to 0:20. Price quoted is in pounds and Miss Moneypenny supplies the voiceover so, there's no mistaking this is for the UK. The Rock Band forums are alive with Brit commenters taking this as gospel. Harmonix have offered no confirmation yet. So, we'll call it a rumour for now, taking care to use our special friends' spelling of the word, the notional agreement of collective nouns, and the word "advert." Rock Band 2 Ad UK [YouTube, thanks readers Craig and Jake]